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supposed former infatuation junkie

"supposed former infatuation junkie / i sink three-pointers and you wax poetically" - so pure

context: "what the bleepin' fuck?" was probably america's collective reaction to alanis morissette's announcement that her follow-up to jagged little pill would be called - of all things - supposed former infatuation junkie. "supposed former infatuation junkie" is just such a mess of a phrase that it can only be understood after a thorough dissection of each word. let's start from right to left, shall we? the word "junkie" is synonymous with the word "addict" -- a junkie is hopelessly addicted to something. in this case, alanis is addicted to "infatuation", which is defined as foolish attraction or desire. alanis, however, is no ordinary "infatuation junkie" -- she's a former, or used-to-be junkie. and finally, for good measure, alanis threw in the word "supposed" to indicate that she might or might not be a former infatuation junkie. so there you have it. supposed former infatuation junkie. yep. that's alanis.

  1. front row

  2. baba

  3. thank u

  4. are you still mad

  5. sympathetic character

  6. that i would be good

  7. the couch

  8. can't not

  9. ur

  10. i was hoping

  11. one

  12. would not come

  13. unsent

  14. so pure

  15. joining you

  16. heart of the house

  17. your congratulations

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