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jagged little pill

"swallow it down (what a jagged little pill)" - you learn


context: the underlying message of "you learn" is that we learn from everything we do, whether it is crying, losing, praying, asking, or simply living. alanis uses the term "jagged little pill" as a metaphor for the therapeutic experiences we endure that may be hard or uncomfortable for us to "swallow", but "feels so good" once it's over and we have the chance to look back and learn from it. the phrase appropriately describes the album, which unabashedly discusses all of the hardships life throws in our way.


  1. all i really want

  2. you oughta know

  3. perfect

  4. hand in my pocket

  5. right through you

  6. forgiven

  7. you learn

  8. head over feet

  9. mary jane

  10. ironic

  11. not the doctor

  12. wake up

  13. your house (hidden track)

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